Every year Studio Fuffa produces a small calendar. This year the theme is the horoscope, but the truth is that we thought of a completely new design. Here you go the (not only) CALENDAR 2024. Useful istructions to follow
CAPRICORN is illustrated by Camilla Garofano
As your huge horns suggest, you can be very stubborn. Strongly organized and precise, almost to the point of austerity, your goal is to build a life with solid foundations, in career and in intimacy: ambitious and determined, infallibly you succeed.. Fatigue does not scare you, to make you waver are the emotions , which you know very well how to mask with your solid sense of humor.
AQUARIUS is illustrated by Arianna Bellucci
Very unpredictable and fickle, you can quickly move from one extreme to another , especially in circumstances that require patience. However, you never back down and you can always be counted on. Creative, intellectual, and contemplative, you are hungry for knowledge and open to exploration, but you are often deeply focused on your beliefs and ideas.
PESCI is illustrated by Giulia Lombardo
You are often old souls, and you have an innate connection to the mystical and spiritual world, often drawn to deeply romantic, creative or transformative experiences. Excellent friends, you enjoy a vivid social life filled with many unique people, often putting the needs of others before yourselves. Romantic dreamer, your sensitivity is such that dealing with everyday life often exhausts you.
ARIES is illustrated by Giulia Quagli
Probably among the most resourceful  and independent signs, bold, pioneering and courageous, a true trailblazer! Eager to open up to all the possibilities of life, you are not afraid to venture into unknown territories where others would not dare to go, head-first . You love competition, confrontation and strong emotions, but you deeply hate boredom and routine.
TAURUS  is illustrated by Marta Sorte
If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you live every passion with overwhelming intensity. You have a practical approach to life, you can be generous, but ready to attack when needed. You are usually very resistant to change, it can be difficult to change your point of view, but you are extremely firm and reliable, features that you also look for and appreciate in others as well.
GEMINI is illustrated by Camilla Garofano
Lively, engaging, chatty but also flexible and versatile, extremely adaptable to any situation, a true air sign. It's impossible to keep yourself still because you want to do, to know and to learn. You can have a two sided personality: one is the one you show to the world, the other one is the one you keep well hidden from most people.
CANCER  is illustrated by Giulia Quagli
You are the sign of hugging, cuddling and caring par excellence. Being the sign of the Moon, your femininity is strong, right in your sweetest and most sensitive instincts. You live on emotions and you can’t stand superficiality: you often seem meek but you have the strength of someone who knows how to fight for the people they love, even without the desire to excel.
LEO  is illustrated by Marta Sorte
The true King of the signs, you can be enormously kind-hearted and loyal (to those you deem worthy of your affection) but your territory must never be trespassed. You are creative, enthusiastic and dramatic, you love living life to the fullest. You want to be recognized for everything you bring to the world, you want to express the fire within you, sometimes to the point of pride or arrogance.
VIRGO is illustrated by Arianna Bellucci
Selection and precision are your watchwords, an obsession for you. A born organizer, practical, hardworking and analytical: you have an immense talent in evaluating every situation and finding solutions to solve it, an artist in creating order from chaos, no matter what. You are kind, down-to-earth and reliable, happy to help anyone you love who is in need.
LIBRA  is illustrated by Giulia Lombardo
Charming, social and diplomatic, you are an extremely "balanced" sign: you know how to measure courage, patience, even anger. You highly value peace and balance, you do everything you can to avoid conflict, which can lead you to be unbearably indecisive. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you are an eternal romantic, very sensitive, but you love to surround yourself with beauty and luxury.
SCORPIO  is illustrated by Marta Sorte
Scorpio, you are perhaps the most decisive sign of the entire Zodiac, relentless until you get what you want, of the "all or nothing" type. Charming and cunning, you don't like to go unnoticed, in fact indifference can make you very angry and you can be dangerous and biting. Great conqueror in love, most of all you desire intimate depth, both physical and psychological.
SAGITTARIUS  is illustrated by Giulia Quagli
Your nature is impulsive and restless: hungry for everything the world has to offer you, as a true explorer, you never sit still! There are countless Sagittarius around the world. You have to explore, go beyond the boundaries. One of your great characteristics is strength and in front of  an obstacle you give your best, there is nothing you can't do, just to cross the finish line triumphantly!

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